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At Hotel St. Stephanus

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Super 5=4 Schnupper Angebot


ab € 165,00pro Person

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1 Übernachtung inkl. Frühstück, 1 x 5-Gang Gourmetmenü, 1 x Degestiv

ab € 97,50 pro Person

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Brewery cellar


Refreshing Comfort in the brewery cellar

In 2011 our vaulted cellar, which is over a century old, was redesigned to a brewery cellar. Here we offer you, apart from our fine Zeltinger wines, regional-brewed monastery beer - lager and wheat beer.

The local monastery brewery on the opposing river bank produces three naturally cloudy beers following an ancient brewing tradition. The beer specialties have their fruity and spicy taste because of complex brewing and fermenting procedures.They are unfiltered containing an amount of healthy yeast, which increases its digestibility.

Opening times: seasonal opening