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Moselle Holidays

At Hotel St. Stephanus

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2 Übernachtungen inkl. Frühstück, Halbpension, 5 Gang Menü, Schifffahrt

ab € 175,- pro Person

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Herbstzeit - Wohlfühlzeit

2 Übernachtungen inkl. Frühstück, 1 x 5-Gang Schlemmermenü

ab € 149,- pro Person

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1 Übernachtung inkl. Frühstück, 1 x 5-Gang Gourmetmenü, 1 x Degestiv

ab € 97,50 pro Person

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4 Tage Sparangebot

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Günstige Gelegenheit

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"Highlight" zum Jahresbeginn 2024

Liebe Gäste ,

wir gewähren bei allen unseren Arrangements ( ausser Wellneßanwendungen )

einen  Rabatt von 10 % bei Buchungen ab dem 11.11.2023


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Holiday diversity

Holiday according to your wishes

In the heart of the Moselle Valley - at the big heart-shaped Moselle loop - the traditional wine village Zeltingen Rachtig is situated with its rich and diverse offers for leisure and sports.

Multiple varying hiking paths and wide-ranging bike tracks as well as regular bout tours on the Moselle river invite you to great tours. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenic views, the hospitality of the villages around and nearly uncountable amount of sights.

The villages at the river Moselle arrange a festival almost every weekend in the summer. Many events with an extensive agenda await you - from "Happy Mosel" to the wine festival of the middle Moselle to the romantic Christmas market in Bernkastel-Kues.

Active & on the move

  • the Moselsteig, 365 km hiking path through one of Germany's most beautiful cultural landscapes
  • a wide local network of hiking-paths covering about 40 km
  • the Calmont-climbing path in Bremm
  • Maare-Mosel-bike track, 55 km railway-biking from Eifel to Moselle
  • Boat-tips along the Moselle river (e.g. with the Roman wine boat "Stella Noviomagi")

The pier, a bike-rental and the entrance to the hiking paths are located in immediate nearness to the hotel.


Destinations for the whole family